Thursday, 9 February 2023

School-Proxyorg Is A Free Secure Proxy Service

Are you looking for a way to access school resources from anywhere?

With, you can do just that. is a free, secure proxy service that allows you to access your school's resources from anywhere in the world, without the worry of being blocked by firewalls or other security measures. With, you can access all of your school's resources, including online courses, library databases, and more.

You can even access websites that are normally blocked by your school's firewall.

This is all done securely, so you can have peace of mind when accessing school resources from anywhere. Plus, is easy to use. Simply enter the URL of your school's website in the box at the top of the page, and you'll be able to access it securely in no time. You can also use the convenient "red" proxy feature, which allows you to access resources from other schools with just one click.

So, don't miss out on your school's resources just because you're not on campus.

With, you can access everything you need from anywhere in the world. Try it out today and stay connected to your school no matter where you are.
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